Already Have an Agency Relationship?

We believe an advertiser/ agency relationship is a joint venture. The advertiser depends upon the agency’s best efforts to provide materials and recommendations that will enable them to achieve their marketing goals. And the agency depends on the information, direction, and endorsement of the advertiser to enable them to do their best work. If you currently work with an advertising agency, spend just a few moments thinking about the following questions and your responses to them. We believe that any answer less than “exceeds most expectations” may be an opportunity for a new more productive relationship.
A prospect we’d welcome exploring.

1) Overall how do you rate the Agency’s creative team on your business?
2) Does the Agency appoint sufficiently qualified creative talent to meet your needs in?

  • Strategic creative direction
  • Copywriting
  • Art direction/design
  • Broadcast production
  • Print production

3) How do you rate the Creative Group that you work with on?

  • Knowledge of your business and your competition
  • Knowledge of your customers
  • Their ability to understand and properly interpret your creative briefs
  • Development of relevant and impactful creative solutions
  • Selling their ideas to your company
  • Control of production quality
  • Working to time deadlines
  • Cost management

4) Overall how do you rate your ability to encourage and assess creative proposals?
5) How would you rate your ability to assess creative proposals for?

  • Strategic relevance (how well it addresses the advertising challenge)
  • Creative originality (do they look for the Big Idea)
  • Strong & executional interpretations (imaginative, workable solutions)

6) How would you rate your marketing or advertising managers on?

  • Understanding and employing appropriate research in ad development
  • Allowing sufficient time for the creative development process
  • Giving proposals a considerate hearing
  • Fighting for the necessary approvals for new concepts and ideas
  • Providing constructive criticism which helps develop stronger solutions
  • Being prepared to take risks in the search of outstanding advertising
  • Providing a sound basis for needed changes or rejections
  • Their ability to give sound and clear directions for next steps

Face it, you are an investment manager and your attitude, as well as that of your agency, should
treat marketing not as “spend” but as the investment it really is.

Specializes in :

  • Improve the alignment between marketing and financial objectives,
  • Capitalize on a brand’s most distinctive elements with greater success,
  • More precisely target the consumers and media vehicles yielding the largest and fastest payoff,
  • Manage risk more carefully, and
  • Track returns more closely.


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  1. copywriting is my other job and it actually pays well just like my day job’**

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